This is the author's furniture by Elena Kutuzova.

Each of the items presented can be the core of a new collection, a new design solution. The ornament of the table in Gustav Klimt style smoothly turns into painting on the wall, stained-glass windows, high-backed chairs, elegant interior in the Modernists style.

The bench in Classicism style - fits into the interior of a country house. Massive candelabra and forged elements create the motif of the Middle Ages.

White shelf with drawings - baubles decorate any dining room. The aged tree and craquelure give it special warmth and expressiveness and resembles an old French village.

Mini - kitchen in the style of Japanese prints - an example of minimalism. Inside the hob is mounted, the dishes are placed on the shelves. This is the most compact version of the organization of space. The painting of the chest is made on the motives of the masters of the Renaissance. Painting done in a circle (it does not have a back side) implies that it will become the central part of the interior.


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